Project Pitch

Colosseum Overcharge is a 2.5D multiplayers brawler. This game has been made for the Ludum Dare 45 (2019). The official website of this event is the following: Ludum dare 45.

An Arena Couch game where the goal is to destroy your friends by knocking them into dangerous objects! As the game progresses your little robot that started with nothing will be able to upgrade and use new mechanics in hopes of winning the next round !

* We only worked for 48 hours since we were working the monday (we took a bit of time on that day to fix small bugs and submit the project)

Project goals

  • → Challenge myself
  • → First participation of the Ludum Dare GameJam
  • → Work with a pluridisciplanary team members, who I've never worked before.

Project constraints

  • → Theme: start with nothing


In Progress

Detailed Info


My work

= Capacity manager Work on the UI to show up when round ended Bind the right input in rewired to know what the players selected

What went well

  • brainstorming useful
  • tackle a lot of problems when talking about the final idea (with animator / artists)

What went wrong

  • The Ludum Dare happened during a buzy week-end for me.
  • Working remotly is not as efficient as working on place.
  • This is specially true during our last day of work (Sunday) since we have to bring all the game pieces together.
  • Underestimate some tasks.


I might fix some bugs (like the breaking flow in a coming patch).
Will see…