Project Pitch

Advent of Code is an Advent calendar of small programming puzzles for a variety of skill sets and skill levels that can be solved in any programming language we like. People use this event as a speed contest, practice problems, or even to challenge each other. It’s made by Eric Wastl and 2018 was the 4th edition.

Project goals

  • → Challenge myself.
  • → Discover new things (new language, new problems, etc.)
  • → Share with my friends possible solutions and optimizations.

:memo: Table of contents

  1. 2017 Edition
  2. 2018 Edition
    1. Summary Board

2017 Edition

I started out this section without completing the 2018 edition because I wanted to practice my C++. But I move on to something else since then.

To be continued.

2018 Edition

Blog post

I wrote a small article about my experience. You can find it here: blog article

Personal progression

Since it was my first year doing this challenge, I did not try to rush my solutions.
I would rather spend on more day on a problem by thinking about it and come up with a better solution than previously.

Plus me and my friends were more fighting for concise solutions than submission time.

Summary Board:

Days Names (links) Stars Completions*
1 Chronal Calibration :star: :star: 64717
2 Inventory Management System :star: :star: 51497
3 No Matter How You Slice It :star: :star: 39646
4 Repose Record   28990
5 Alchemical Reduction :star: :star: 29452
6 Chronal Coordinates :star: :star: 20361
7 The Sum of Its Parts :star: :star: 16790
8 Memory Maneuver :star: :star: 16440
9 Marble Mania :star: :star: 14291
10 The Stars Align :star: :star: 14576
11 Chronal Charge :star: :star: 13616
12 Subterranean Sustainability :star: :star: 11382
13 Mine Cart Madness :star: :star: 9690
14 Chocolate Charts :star: :star: 9850
15 Beverage Bandits :star: :star: 5364
16 Chronal Classification :star: :star: 7420
17 Reservoir Research :star: :star: 5157
18 Settlers of The North Pole :star: :star: 6477
19 Go With The Flow   4897
20 A Regular Map :star: :star: 4154
21 Chronal Conversion   3775
22 Mode Maze   3546
23 Experimental Emergency Teleportation   3100
24 Immune System Simulator 20XX   3129
25 Four-Dimensional Adventure   2587

* number of persons that completed both challenges of the corresponding day.
Those values might not be accurate since there is no API requests made to gather them.